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We have created TWO Swing Rueda videos!

Volume One - The Basics and Volume Two - The Amoeba. They are $25 each or both for $40, plus $5 shipping and handling. You can mail a check or money order (payable to the Rhythm Room) to the Rhythm Room, c/o Elaine Hewlett, 4734 Tremont Street, Dallas, TX 75246. Call Elaine at 214-228-4454 or email her with questions.

Volume One - The Basics includes Open Break, Swing Out, Dame, Outside Turn, Inside Turn, Sushi, Texas Tommy, Stop Texas, Mini-Dip, Dame Dos and Circle Down.

Volume Two - The Amoeba is the formation in Swing Rueda, in which everyone holds hands while facing the center of the circle. This video teaches you how to get into Amoeba, Chalupa, Chalupa Dame, Treble Clef, Right Foot Stomp, Turn Her In, Turn Him In and Tranke.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.